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When someone you love passes away, in addition to your grief there may be many legal issues to handle, including the distribution of any material possessions they might have had. Dealing with these issues can be complicated without the help of an experienced Toccoa Falls, GA probate attorney.

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If your deceased loved one owned real property or personal property it is likely an estate will have to be opened with the probate court in the county where they lived so that someone can be appointed to handle his or her affairs. This is true whether the deceased person has a Last Will and Testament or not. Depending on the circumstances, the person who oversees the estate–the executor, administrator, or personal representative–may be required to post a fiduciary bond, publish legal notices in the paper and file reports with the court after opening the estate.

With the help of a Toccoa Falls probate law firm such as Georgia Probate Attorneys you will not have any problems dealing with probate cases. We are Toccoa Falls probate attorneys who can tackle probate cases involving any testate or intestate situations.

Our team will reduce your stress as the estate’s executor or personal representative. We can also help if there are any issues that may arise, as well as unpaid bills that must be sorted before the assets can be distributed properly. Our team will be with you at every step and answer your concerns.

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Testate and Intestate Situations

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When dealing with probate cases, you will come across the terms “testator” and “intestate.” A testator is a person who has made a Last Will and Testament. An executor is the person who was appointed by the testator to carry out the terms of their Last Will and Testament. Our attorneys are well-versed in Georgia’s probate laws and are all able to assist you in this process.

During a testate case, our team will review all the documents provided and make sure they are valid. We will also check if the will was made by the testator of their own desire and not signed due to duress or force. Our attorneys will work together with the beneficiary or beneficiaries and/or the executor to help with a legal action if anyone contests the will.

Meanwhile, if someone passes without a will or if their will is considered invalid, it is known as “intestate.” For these cases, the legal process would entail applying the state’s probate laws to distribute the assets. When this happens, having a Toccoa Falls probate attorney is crucial because, without one, the assets will automatically go to the state unless a properly appointed heir takes possession of the property before the deadline set by Georgia’s probate laws.

Duties of Toccoa Falls Probate Attorneys

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If you are uncertain whether to get a Toccoa Falls probate attorney for your case, you should know what role they play in a probate case. Probate cases can take a lot of time to finish and cost a lot of money if not handled properly, especially if the decedent did not leave a Last Will and Testament or there are concerns that should be disputed. If you have a probate attorney beside you, they will not just help you; they will also assist the administrator or executor of the property in question.

Here are some of the areas our probate attorneys can handle for you:

Marshalling Assets

When a new estate is opened, the personal representative is legally required to locate and take charge of any probate asset belonging to the deceased individual. If the personal representative neglects this responsibility and fails to locate some of the estate’s property, he or she can be held personally liable by the probate court.


The debts of the decedent need to be taken care of prior to any distributions being made to the beneficiaries of the estate. The people who will inherit the property in the estate should go ahead and pay ongoing bills, such as utility bills; mortgage payments; house or car insurance; car payments; real estate taxes, so that no valuable property is lost or damaged. Once an estate is open the personal representative can provide reimbursement from estate assets.

Creditors may submit both formal and informal claims. Most claims are informal—that is, they are just ordinary bills, sent to the deceased person, that get forwarded to the executor. The executor has authority to pay these debts as they come in, using estate assets. The personal representative must publish notice of the proceeding in a local newspaper, and creditors have a certain amount of time to submit formal written claims.


If everyone does not agree, then you are facing a contested probate estate. Death is a stressful, emotional time, and inheritances sometimes come with unexpected emotional baggage. Do not worry, Georgia Probate Attorneys can help when there is a fight about who should be in charge and who should get what.

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Best Toccoa Falls Probate Attorneys

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Every person’s circumstances are unique, and even after death, there will be differences in terms of the emotional and financial issues that arise. Our team of probate lawyers at Georgia Probate Attorneys has handled some of the most diverse probate cases out there. We have had to deal with cases that only involve representatives and discussions where the written document has left out crucial issues and details.

It is not easy to complete the legal processes after someone passes away. Our probate attorneys understand this. Throughout our tenure in probate law, we take our time to analyze your case to determine what action should be taken. We will be able to determine and protect the probate assets, as well as guarantee appraisals on the identified assets.

Since we opened our doors to people in need of legal assistance, Georgia Probate Attorneys has earned a trusted following. Our lawyers consider all the cases we handle as important ones.

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Georgia LogoIf you need a Toccoa Falls, GA probate attorney who will be able to guide you through your probate concerns, you can trust Georgia Probate Attorneys. Our team will be with you even if you do not need a probate lawyer present in court. Our lawyers will make sure that you understand the process so you will not have to worry about missing anything. We are always ready to explain your legal rights.

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