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Toomsboro Conservatorship Attorneys

mother and daughterA conservator (guardian of the property) is granted control over financial matters for an incapacitated individual, such as paying their bills, filing taxes, determining a budget for the ward, taking care of the ward’s investments, etc. A conservator has no authority to make decisions regarding the ward’s personal affairs.

A conservatorship may be necessary when an individual can no longer make financial transactions or decisions for themselves. They may have lost functional capacity and can no longer make financial decisions, is making bad financial choices due to a form of dementia or perhaps is being financially exploited by another individual or family member. The process of going into the county Probate court and petitioning to protect the resources of an individual is called Conservatorship.

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Toomsboro Conservatorship Attorney

guardianship and long term careThe law does not require that you have an attorney to file a petition in probate court, but in many counties in the state, the clerks will inform you that the judge will not permit a petition to be filed in their courts unless you are represented by an attorney.

Conservatorship is a legal proceeding that requires a hearing at which evidence is presented, testimony is taken and a lawyer will be appointed to represent the proposed ward. If you are not represented by an attorney, you will be expected to present the evidence to the court in the appropriate manner. Should you get appoint Conservator, you will then have to follow the preferences established by Georgia Law.

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Conservatorship will not just demand your time and effort for your ward, it also demands wise and careful decisions when it comes to the legal process involved.
To make sure that you take all the right steps, prepare the proper documents, meet the legal requirements, and come up with the best decisions, talk to our Toomsboro, GA conservatorship attorney today.

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