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Caring for a loved one is satisfying yet undeniably challenging at times. If you are the legal guardian of a child, disabled person, or elderly person, your responsibility is even more crucial to be done right. Our Lake Park, GA guardianship attorneys at Georgia Probate Attorneys will help you handle all the legal procedures that come with your duty.

Adult guardianship and conservatorship

If you’re applying to become a legal guardian, there are certain laws that you need to keep in mind. Guardianship attorneys can help you navigate these laws with ease and confidence. From processing your application, accomplishing all documentary requirements, to defending your eligibility as a guardian—Georgia Probate Attorneys will help you take all the proper and necessary legal steps.

We can also help protect you if someone is attempting to gain guardianship over you. We can help you in an action if you believe the wrong person is seeking guardianship over a loved one.

Our guardianship attorneys understand all the responsibilities that come with being someone’s legal guardian. That is why we dedicate our service to helping you protect your rights and letting you focus on taking care of your loved ones alone. You deserve to give them your full attention, so let us handle the legal side of things. From drafting petitions to making case arguments, trust that we will never fail you.

Being a guardian can be hard enough in itself. Making sure all the legal requirements are met can make the task even harder than it should be. Don’t let this be the case for you. Acquire the service of our Lake Park guardianship attorneys and spend quality time with your loved one with no legal burdens to distract you.

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Understanding Legal Guardianship

legal guardianship of a child

A Guardian (over the person) is an individual appointed to care for an individual, known as a ward, who needs special protection. A Conservator (over the money) controls the financial matters for an incapacitated individual.

Whether due to age or disability, most families are taking care of a vulnerable member.

Guardians will make decisions on behalf of the children, disabled person, or elderly person in their care. They also hold the right to sign legal papers and negotiate with legal entities as representatives of their wards. Depending on the circumstances, a guardian’s power to make legal decisions is either limited or full.

As a guardian, one of the important decisions that you will make on behalf of your ward involves managing their assets, pension funds, debts, liabilities, retirement, and estate. You will also make decisions with regard to their medical, health, and insurance status. These decisions are even more crucial if your ward has special medical needs, giving your responsibility more gravity.

If you are tasked to look after a child, your job as a guardian involves ensuring that they receive a proper education, security, and a pleasant community to dwell in. The living conditions of the child should also be properly maintained. On the other hand, taking care of elders will require you to make more significant decisions, such as those that concern wills and estate.

At Georgia Probate Attorneys, our Lake Park guardianship attorneys are highly knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with laws concerning legal guardianship. They will unfailingly provide you with comprehensive guidance to help you remain on the good side of the law, exercising your rights and putting your concerns forward.

What A Guardianship Attorney Can Do For You

legal process

For some, hiring a guardianship attorney may seem to be an unnecessary expense. However, if you want to do all legal steps the right way, their service will prove to be crucial in accomplishing the process in a convenient, stress-free way.

A guardianship attorney can represent your efforts to become a guardian or if you have concerns about a person attempting to be named guardian over you or a loved one.

One major thing that a Lake Park guardianship attorney can offer is their legal advice. Making legal decisions for another person is no easy feat, making an expert’s opinion extremely valuable. An attorney can guide you as you prepare legal documents, take care of insurance papers, or when a hearing involving your ward takes place. A good guardianship attorney will also guarantee that your ward’s rights will all be protected and exercised.

Georgia Probate Attorneys will provide an attorney that will help you get the legal approval to become a guardian with ease. It is our duty to draft petitions, ensure all legal requirements are met, and make solid case arguments that will convince the court of your worthiness as a guardian.

Our guardianship attorneys will also represent you before the court and other legal meetings to ensure that none of your rights will be overlooked or violated.

Georgia Probate Attorneys offers services that are tailored to suit your unique circumstances, not just legally but also financially. From your guardianship application until the moment you need to make crucial decisions on behalf of your ward, trust that the expert advice of our guardianship attorney will be ready to ease your burden.

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Georgia LogoGuardianship won’t just demand your time and affection for your ward. It also demands thoughtful legal decisions which is why we recommend having an attorney by your side.

To make sure that you make all the right steps, prepare the proper documents, meet the legal requirements, and come up with the best decisions, talk to our Lake Park guardianship attorney today.

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